A Success Story

Sukhesh Group was founded in 1953 by Mr. Balwantrai and Mangaldas Parekh we have been a family-driven company ever since - finding in the idea of family, the values that guide our day-to-day relationships with customers, suppliers, and employees. Like many companies today, we have a formal mission statement, but behind it is a very simple philosophy - to continually exceed every customer expectation.

However, our greatest wealth has been the accumulated business knowledge of plastics market -an experience spanning three generations in business, the inculcated ethics and the business acumen which have seen us survive and prosper through many challenges. We continue to grow, improve, and innovate - offering customers timely advice and intelligent choices leveraging our vast information network and domain experience.


To be recognized by our customers, employees and the industry as a company dedicated to quality, service, and integrity.


Mission is to provide our customers with innovative, high-quality and consistent services that exceed expectations. Our goal of continual improvement and consistent quality allows us to provide outstanding services to our customers. We also strive to provide our employees with a safe, secure work environment where personal satisfaction and growth can be achieved while sharing in the company's success.